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What is the most lucrative way for me to invest my money?


I bet that at some point you have asked your bank manager what the best application to pursue was. And, I bet that he replied that his investment profile had greater profitability, right?
Wrong! Undoubtedly, he presented the applications that provided the most profit to the bank. The vast majority of Brazilians don’t know this. Learn more about a new way to make your money work for you.


Why invest in real estate in the United States?

With a persistently strong economy, low rate of unemployment, thriving generation Y buyers, and high savings rates combined with low mortgage rates, the US real estate market is inviting for most homebuyers. Unlike the impending housing crash that will take place in China, the US housing market is stable and optimistic, and backed by strong economic outlook.


American and Brazilian economic data

Income per capita
(GDP per capita 2017)
US$ 59,500 US$ 10,888
GDP (2017) Trilhões US$ 18,57 U$ 1,98
Unemployment rate 4,1% 12,7%


Historically, the US economy has maintained a stable GDP growth rate, a low unemployment rate and high levels of research and investment financed by domestic capital. Because of falling taxation rates on savings, foreign investors are increasingly looking to invest in the United States.


A new investment option

Invest4ever was created with the objective of generating profits previously unobtainable by Brazilian investors who, in addition to facing economic instability, also face the daily challenge of working with the unprofitable options offered by the Brazilian market.

Invest4ever’s founders sought the opportunities offered by the American real estate market: the profitability and possibilities of financial leverage not found in Brazilian investment modalities.

Our values

1.  Inheritance

Your personal assets guarantee the future of your loved ones. Stable investment options allow you to invest in their protection and let you rest easy knowing that they will be taken care of.

2. Achievment

Every dream has its price. When you want to achieve something, you must first opt for investments that reduce risk and provide adequate profit.

3. Security

It is possible to make investments that are secure and have high profitability. We combine these two factors, creating the perfect scenario for the conservative investor as well as the risk-taker.

4. Stability

Living life to the fullest and having a guaranteed future is the dream of millions of Brazilians. Have you ever wanted to achieve this dream? You can count on us to help you get there!

The Invest4ever Circle

1. Decision

Point of entry into the circle: decide to invest.

2. Purchase

Buying property below market value.

3. Sale

Sell property below market value to guarantee liquidity and quick profitability.

4. Profit

Recovery of your investment, capital gain and re-entry in the cycle (reinvestment).

Andressa Samis

Investment Manager

Lawyer graduated in Brazil.

Specialization in Real Estate Law.


Claudio Duarte

Investment Manager

Graduated in Advertising and Marketing;
More than 10 years investing in the real estate market.


Our founders

After realizing that his investments were not yielding the profits he hoped for, Claudio Duarte searched for a new business model that would exceed his expectations. Meanwhile, Andressa Samis was looking for a new career path to pursue upon arrival in San Antonio, Texas-USA, where she would move to from Brazil.

They met and were presented with an excellent opportunity to join forces and undertake a new venture, founding of Invest4ever in August 2018. Andressa Samis, who planned to leave Brazil in March 2018, began to look for new opportunities to explore upon arrival in San Antonio, Texas.

After researching investment options in various fields, he came across an incredible opportunity in the American real estate market.

Claudio Duarte decided to look for a new business modal that exceeded his expectations, after realizing that the capital he had been investing was not yielding the profits he had hoped for. Their search resulted in the discovery of investing in the American real estate market.
Their meeting provided an excellent opportunity to combine their efforts and undertake a joint venture in the creation of Invest4ever, which was officially founded in August 2018.

How to invest

What is the first step to investing?

First, it is necessary to open a company in the US under the LLC accounting option.

The process is quick and simple!

It’s low cost, plus with a lack of bureaucracy in a few days the company will be up and running.

After opening your company, a contract will be signed with Invest4ever, which will handle the management of your investments.

Why open a company to invest in the United States?

Because a legal entity is exempt from taxes.

The American government provides an incentive for companies, which is not offered for the individual.

That makes this accounting option less costly and therefore more suitable for the investor.

The payment of the income tax is exclusively on the net value of the profit.

If there is no profit, there will be no payable tax!

How does a foreigner start a business in the United States?

It’s very easy!

US law allows foreigners who want to invest in the United States to open businesses, free of any visa requirements.

When opening a business, it is advisable to get the advice of a qualified professional.

Is it necessary for me to be in the United States to open my business and bank account?


Everything can be done remotely.

What do I do after opening the company and checking account?

It will be necessary to remit the capital to the United States, if it is not in the country.

It is advisable for the investor to open a checking account (individual) in the United States, if he/she does not already have one.

How do you start investing after the remittance of capital?

With the investor’s capital in the current account of your company, you’ll start the purchase of the property.

After the acquisition, the property will be legalized, renovation will be necessary, and, finally, the sale with the value below the real estate market to guarantee liquidity and a quick return.

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